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Established in 2013, Clean Sense offers mechanised water tank cleaning services for domestic and commercial segments. No water tank is too big or too small for Clean Sense. We have the expertise and the experience of cleaning water tanks as large as 3000KL. We clean overhead and underground water tanks.


Our approach and method is completely professional, scientific, process-oriented and 100% mechanised. By using our services, you save two very precious resources – time and water.


Clean Sense operates out of Hyderabad, India. We can cater to all areas in Hyderabad


Each and every member of our team is fully trained in the 6-stage water tank cleaning process.

The cumulative experience of our team is about 6 years and 10000+ water tanks.




We use high-quality German machines for cleaning water tanks. We are fully equipped with all the necessary safety, lighting and equipments that are required to work in confined, restricted spaces.

Safety, Quality and Compliance

Safety and Quality


Safety & quality is paramount. We ensure 100% compliance to safety & quality thereby delivering high-standards of service. If required, we do a pre-site inspection to evaluate and mitigate risks.

Night Service



We understand that industries like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc., need running water during the day. Hence, we also offer night-time water tank cleaning services. Enquire about this service.

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Almost all tank cleaning appointments are scheduled a day or two in advance. This helps in better planning and minimizes water wastage.

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